Paper Masters: Deal or No Deal? is a website which you could name as the “child of E World Publishing.” While it was not easy to find much information regarding the parent company, we did manage to figure out that it has been writing for about 18 years in various types of services. PaperMasters is the San Francisco mini-version of E World publishing, the branch that decided to bring the business into the future. As a result, we thought that it was our duty to inform customers of the quality of the services provided along with the professionalism of the staff. As usual, we went through customer reviews and testimonials, along with ordering a short research of 5 pages for an undergraduate level class. Here is the result of our review

What They Offer
Paper Masters generally seems to focus on providing term paper and research paper writing for students of graduate and undergraduate levels. However, we also saw various kinds of academic pieces of writing that can go from lab reviews to book reports, admission essays and many other.

The Terms of Features says that the company in based in America, Pennsylvania and that they only hire writers having degrees from Masters and above – however, we have no way of ascertaining who the writers are. They also offer the promise that every paper is 100% original, with no traces of plagiarism, and the guarantee that no product will ever be resold to another person.

The Quality of the Services
When we looked up the requirements to see what it takes to get hired as a writer, we saw that you will at least need to have a Bachelor degree from a U.S. accredited institution. Our assumption is that those with the lower degrees are working on the undergraduate-level papers, but that may not necessarily be the case. Once accepted, an applicant will be given a task from a current batch – which we found to be a reason for concern. An unqualified writer may be selected to write a customer’s task, which we found risky for the quality of the paper.

The short research paper that we ordered from Paper Masters was sent on time, and it had an average quality. However, it was better compared to other services that we tried, so we believe that this one is not fraud or scam.

The Pricing System
Prices are pretty steep for PaperMasters when you compare it to other similar writing services. For example, any type of undergraduate work would be charged with $23.95/page, a graduate paper would reach $29.95/page, and a post-graduate Master’s degree would start at $33.95/page. Any paper with a 4-day deadline will fall under the “urgent” category, which will once more bump the price. We found no discounts on the website, nor were we able to find any coupon codes or a promo code.

The rating we offer Paper Masters is “Fair” simply because we believe the prices are too high for the offered quality. On the other hand, the company is definitely legit, and the paper will most likely get a decent grade.