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Welcome to my corner of cyber-space. I'm a multi-published author of Christian romantic suspense. If you like realism and authenticity with a suspenseful twist, then check out my current novels. 

I also write stage plays - all audience tested and performed throughout North America.

My devotional book  LIFE IS A HIGHWAY is now available and my illustrated children's book THE SLEEPYTOWN EXPRESS also just released. Look around! There is lots to see!  

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New Series! 

New Sci-fi series! COLONY ZERO - Volume 1 Contact  


Autographed ebooks!
You can now get your ebooks autographed. Click on the widget to the right to find out how. This service available from 'authorgraph' is free. All of my books and most of my plays can be electronically autographed - not just the one shown here. Try it!


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Anthologies -
I've contributed to three anthologies. Check them out:


TASTE AND SEE Volume 2 - John 3:16 Authors Anthology of Chapters 

Taste and See - a Sampling of First Chapters by John 3:16 Marketing Network Authors (2012)

25 Years in the Rearview Mirror - 52 Authors Look Back (2012)



 Illustrated Children's Book

THE SLEEPYTOWN EXPRESS - illustrated children's book based on the Haven Gillespie song 

Devotional book

LIFE IS A HIGHWAY: Advice and Reflections on Navigating the Road of Life

This little devotional is suitable for personal or group discussion and study. Full of Biblical examples, personal anecdotes and plenty of humor, the road trip of life is anything but boring!

Lots of new releases
Coming soon! 

 NEIGHBORS - Series - you just never know who will move in next door... (Stardust Romance Publishing) Volume 1 is out, but there is lots more to come in this character driven series!

THREE STRAND CORD - three friends get entangled in a web of international intrigue and deceit when one follows her boyfriend to Europe, only to discover that he is involved in the drug trade.   (romantic suspense)



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